Monday, June 14, 2010

Iaido Bokken Sword SE-550

Why is an Iaido Bokken necessary? The Iaido Bokken is necessary for several reasons. The first and foremost is that it is the safeste and best way to practice drawing. You get a real sense of how it feels and you learn to perfect your grip, your stance and your movements.

A bonus about this particular Iaido Bokken, the SE-550 is that it also comes with an awesome wooden scabbard that has a magnetic device to simulate the way an actual katana locks in the sayas koiguchi with the habaki. Also, you get the added benefit of actually being able to re-sheath the Iaido Bokken, thus perfecting your re-sheath technique.

It goes without saying that this is the safest way to practice the art of the draw, especially if you are a beginner as you do not want to train with a live blade and have any sort of accident. This is also an economical way to train as this Iaido Bokken ismuch less expensive then a non live Iai Sword. Of course, saying that, after you have gained your confidence in your draw, you can upgrade to a non live blade and then eventually move up to a live blade, where you will have the experience needed from training first.

If you want to start your training now, purchase your Bokken sword and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you. Be sure to also go to our home page and sign up to become a Member and you will receive monthly coupons, discounts and MUCH MORE!

Ryumon RY3201 Phoenix Katana Sword

A quality sword which came from a high caliber company, RY3201 Ryumon Phoenix Katana is a special katana sword and one of the prime products of years of knowledge in metallurgy.

RY3201 Ryumon Phoenix Katana came from the family of Ryumon swords, which are generally handmade in Longquan, China, the place commonly known as "City of Treasure Sword." Acclaimed for their expertise in sword-making, Longquan is located in a place where the resources are just right for the crafting of these extraordinary samurai swords. This only ensures you that you will be acquiring a battle- ready and fully purposeful sword.

Fully hand-honed, this sword that came from a vast collection of Ryumon swords has a blade made from 1065 carbon steel. It is sharpened and refined by Ryumon Swords’ best craftsmen. The handle of Phoenix Katana is enclosed in a top quality double pegged ray skin.

However, for this particular kind of samurai sword, you will probably be embezzled by its wooden saya or scabbard for the main reason that it is engraved, hand painted in red with a phoenix scene that is worth beholding and admired. Seeing this particular work of art would surely be a treat you would not want to miss.

This sword coming from the well- crafted Ryumon swords’ family has a bo hi and an iron tsuba or hilt, ornamented with a front and back crane with embossed golden details. This fully sharpened katana sword is embellished by a black Japanese cotton tsuka ito and a handle draped with a high quality ray skin, double pegged to provide you extra protection.

These specific samurai swords have an overall length of 41.5 inches, with its blade and handle measuring 28 and 10.5 inches respectively. It weighs about 2.5 pounds. The Phoenix katana also comes with a black entwined sageo or the cord being used to tie the saya to the belt or the obi when worn. You would definitely not have any problems as to where to put or store this katana sword when you procure it because this comes with a sword bag and a Ryumon signature box as a bonus plus a wall scroll certificate of authenticity, maintenance and reference kits. This is just the more reason why you should buy this Ryumon Phoenix Katana. Aside from its beauty, it also comes with a lot of extras, with the fact that you can buy it for a very low price.

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Assemble Your Own Sword - SW340BKD

If you are a sword collector, and you want to make your own blade, you would probably be glad to hear that there is now a big chance for you to do just that at a really low price - yes, LOW price.

This newest treat for you involves the much- wanted katana swords. As you know, they now come unassembled to give you a chance to set up them yourself. Just imagine assembling your own training sword! And to make it all easier for you these katana swords will include instructions and complete hardware so you will be guided as to how you will make your own katana.

The SW340BKD Dragon Katana Sword is a sword which you can set up yourself and would be something you would be proud to do. It is a beginner sword and you can take it apart, put it together and really experiment and not have to worry because that is what it was made for.

These assemble yourself katana is prepared from blades made from high carbon steel, which makes it not only good for a show. Putting together this high quality sword would definitely give you delight not to mention that you will be more acquainted in terms of assembling your own sword.

The katana sword’s main feature is its katana blade, which measures 28 inches. This high carbon steel blade has a firm black glossed wood saya or scabbard. Its tsuba or sword guard has a dragon design. It also has two fuchi or hilt collar between the hilt and sword guard. These assemble yourself sword also includes one habaki or wedge-shaped metal choker, which keeps the sword from slipping from the saya or scabbard. There are also two wooden hooks, which will secure and hold the katana sword. A black sword bag also comes with this sword. And for you to successfully make your own blade, the package also contains an instruction booklet.

If you are interested in investing in one of our Assemble Yourself Swords, we have quite a few to choose from. Of course we also offer discounts on our home page for you and for your other friends who might as well be interested in starting a new hobby of collecting swords of a variety of designs.

Although there are many ready- made swords now available in the market for you to choose from, there is also a great advantage of purchasing those which you will assemble yourself. Not only will you be able to learn first- hand the exact way of putting a sword’s part together but the most important is the sense of pride you will feel once you see for yourself the beautiful product of your own hands.

Come and visit today and pick out a sword so you can make your own sword today or contact us if you need more information as we would be happy to help you find the best sword for you!

Kendo Training

Are you interested in Kendo? It is becoming quite popular these days that's for sure. If you are, then you will need Kendo equipment and here at we can help with that. Here’s good news for all newbies in Kendo! You can take advantage of the starter kit that includes a sword at a very low price including shipping. If you want to cut down the costs of buying the necessary equipment, you can be happy with this package.

The very first thing that you have to get is the "bogu" or the set of protective armor. Make sure that you pick a bogu that is designed to withstand demanding conditions, especially during training. Safety is another consideration, so get one that is crafted artistically and provides safety to the user. Maximum protection is vital but you need to ensure that the bogu will allow unrestricted movements. Newbies are often confused when it comes to fitting and function of the bogu. Never sacrifice quality to get a cheaper price. There are quality ones out there that are reasonably priced. Shop around and you’ll find the best deals.

Check the stitching of the bogu. Experts say that the quality can be seen from the stitching. Pick a bogu with closer stitching and the trim should be made from a deer leather because this material is not likely to crack. For the ‘Do’ or the torso protector (breastplate), you should get fiberglass because it is lighter and easily adjusts to the impacts received. This is also less expensive as in comparison to bamboo. For your ‘kote’ or the hand and forearm protectors (gauntlets), you should opt for a deer leather because it wears better although it’s a bit expensive.

Of course we also are selling this one unique Bugo set. A machined stitched high quality 4mm/2mm diagonally stitched Bogu comes with a 3+ 1 shinai bag which means that you will have three shinai and a bokken or bokuto inside. This set as well includes a tenugui or a head towel covering and all required himos or strings.

These are some of the things that you will have to look into when shopping for the right equipment. The katana is also a great consideration. For new students, bokken swords are usually advised to avoid accidental cuts. The bokken is a wooden sword and is great for practice and drills. When you have gained more experience, you can now buy a katana or other samurai swords that you may need. Before buying a real samurai sword, make sure that you have already enhanced your strength and skills. It pays to own a quality and beautiful samurai sword.

Investing on quality equipment for Kendo is a wise decision because you will be using them for many months or even years! If you are starting Kendo and are looking for training gear, check us out. If you are looking for something in particular, just contact us and we will get a price for you right away. Buying Kendo equipment has never been easier then now, so visit us today at!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Samurai Bokken Sword 1806

Whether you’re training for the use of a classical sword or that of Iaido, you can use the 1806- Samurai Bokken Sword! A samurai bokken is a wooden sword that is usually used during practice training or continuing the samurai sword training course. This type of bokken sword can last for many years, especially if you handle it properly. Cracking can take place when the sword is already old, but you can prevent this by applying oils and wood polish.

Most samurai bokken swords are synonymous with the katana due to its relative weight and size. Using this type will help you master the handling and balancing as of practicing with a real katana. The usual blade length is 30 inches with a total of 40 inches overall. Made from a solid oak hardwood, this bokken comes with a tsuba (sword hand guards) and a rubber stopper. The swords handle is carefully wrap in cords as most real katana blades are.

Make sure that you wrap the sword with a fabric and avoid excessive moisture at all times. At first glance, you will think that the sword is a real samurai sword. In fact, the bokken is balanced and weighted like that of a real sword with blade. Steel swords are not used during practice for safety reasons. It’s easy to cut yourself with a real Samurai sword but by using a training sword like that of the Samurai Bokken, it’s much easier to learn the basic and advanced techniques.

It’s not only the new students who are using samurai bokken. In fact, even masters are using wood swords to protect students and partners when practicing a various kind of techniques. In most stores, customers should be of legal age (18 years and above) to be able to purchase the sword. If you’ve watched the movie "The Last Samurai", then you already know what a real samurai looks like… and this is just what you can expect from a bokken. For under $20, you can already purchase a new sword that you can use during practice sessions.

When buying a samurai bokken, you have to go for only the quality swords in the market. The sword can serve as your companion as a novice swordsman. With the right maintenance and usage, the sword will accompany you as you learn advanced techniques and become a master swordsman while you hone your skills by using a quality Bokken Sword.

The Bokken wood training swords are now available in different colors and designs and you can find a black samurai as well as a red. By shopping online at, you can find the best Bokken Sword that meets your standards. Check out the different training swords we have to offer and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Tiger Bokken Sword 1802T

Tired of breaking bokkens? Why not choose the Tiger Bokken (1802T) also known as the Ebony Bokken which is made from the best Asian hardwood. Sword practitioners and martial artists are now using tiger bokken swords for their trainings. The tiger Bokken is a wooden sword that comes from hardwood like oak. It serves as a training sword in place of a real sword with sharp blades. The Bokken sword is a must when learning the basic and advanced sword techniques. If you’re looking for a quality bokken, you can try the Tiger Training Bokken.

The usual training blade has been made gorgeous and great looking for you to utilize. This features a wood-burned decoration along the edge and the hilt. This 40 inch long bokken makes you stand out from the rest and can be of great used for Aikido, Iaido, all sort of Kata, Kendo, and Kumdo.

You will be amazed on the aesthetic beauty this bokken has. Though it is crafted without the cords on the handle, the functionality of a traditional bokken has not been compromised. You can use the swords during martial art drills and in sword sparring. You will enjoy the realistic training provided by this bokken. It is safe and economic as most of the bokken swords.

The tiger bokken comes with a removable tsuba and has a firm grip, also made from wood. It is usually made from an exotic Asian Ebony which is crafted with tiger strips of light brown in color. You can find this type of bokken as always as smoothly polished. With a little amount of investment, you can already learn how to use this sword.

The Tiger Bokken looks like and handles like a real sword but the only difference is that it is made from wood. If you are interested to learn how to use a sword, this is a great investment for you. It’s best to have your own Bokken so that you can practice at home. Aside from the uniforms, you will need to invest on a quality Bokken. Use the internet to find a great sword that you will use for many years.

The rarity of this beautifully crafted type of bokken makes it difficult to find. It is perfect for fitness freak and martial arts experts.

Many masters value their Bokken, and you will too, once you’ve mastered many techniques using your wooden Bokken. Choose among the many designs available today and you can try the 1802T- Tiger Training Bokken Sword! Check out our Bokken Swords today at and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us so we can get that perfect training sword for you!

Monday, March 29, 2010

New T-shirts

Just wanted to send out a quick blog to mention our new t-shirts that we just had designed with our new logo. They are quite sharp and they have the Bushido symbols on the front, with our logo on the front and back.
This is a great addition to any order or just to have for yourself to wear at the dojo or ANYWHERE for that matter! Check out the t-shirts and perhaps order one today or get one for a friend. If you have any comments or input, please send them to as we would love to hear what you think of them! Of course, if you are looking for a great samurai sword to go along with it, visit our website at and don't forget to go to the home page before ordering and sign up for our Members area as it will give you an immediate discount code that you can use towards your order. How is that for customer service!